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These days I have the privilege of creating social communiqués for all occasions.  I utilize an array of paper goods, unique details and a variety of print methods including letterpress, thermography, foil-stamp, off-set and digital printing.  From concept to finished product I invest in every step of the process by collaborating with clients and designing creative solutions for their events.  

​Our home was just a few steps from the Kapuas River on the Island of Borneo.  Days were full of adventure, beauty, creativity & texture.  I loved watching the ladies from the village weave intricately designed baskets with a few strands of bamboo. The batik fabrics also captivated me.  I can still remember what it felt like when I ran my fingers over the cloth with beautiful designs drawn carefully with wax to create detailed patterns.  I never had the chance to weave my own baskets or dye my own fabric, but my childhood in Indonesia had a profound effect on my love for texture and design.